Last-Minute Cruise Deals

All good things come to those who wait... and sometimes, those who wait can save a lot of money by booking a last-minute cruise. Take a look at some of these last minute cruise deals we have found for you.

Cruise Line
7-night Alaska Southern Glacier Cruise
DEPARTS 7/26/2019
from $399
5-night Enchanting Moselle Getaway to Trier Cruise
DEPARTS 7/29/2019
from $2299
2-night Hamburg Short Break Cruise
DEPARTS 6/21/2019
from $299
3-night Bahamas Cruise
DEPARTS 8/7/2019
from $864
7-night Glacier Discovery Southbound Cruise
DEPARTS 7/14/2019
from $519
5-night Korea and Japan Getaway Cruise
DEPARTS 6/28/2019
from $549
7-night A Rose Summer Cruise
DEPARTS 6/25/2019
from $5499
4-night Key West & Nassau Cruise
DEPARTS 7/27/2019
from $449
7-night Northern Europe Cruise
DEPARTS 7/11/2019
from $4400
5-night Wild Alaska Escape Cruise
DEPARTS 7/14/2019
from $4390
11-night Alaskan Splendors Cruise
DEPARTS 6/25/2019
from $1799
11-night Ultimate Alaskan Sojourn Cruise
DEPARTS 7/14/2019
from $3299
3-night Bahamas Cruise
DEPARTS 8/16/2019
from $319
7-night Alaska with Inside Passage Southbound Cruise
DEPARTS 6/24/2019
from $299
5-night Spain & Portugal Cruise
DEPARTS 6/22/2019
from $3499
7-night Venice and the Gems of Northern Italy Cruise
DEPARTS 7/28/2019
from $2899
7-night Bermuda Bliss Voyage
DEPARTS 8/11/2019
from $1349
7-night Bali Cruise
DEPARTS 6/22/2019
from $1670
8-night Alaska Adventure Voyage
DEPARTS 7/30/2019
from $2649
7-night Riches of the Mekong Cruise
DEPARTS 8/12/2019
from $1549
3-night Downriver Mekong Discovery Cruise - Low Water Season
DEPARTS 7/2/2019
from $2835
7-night Tahiti & the Society Islands Cruise
DEPARTS 7/20/2019
from $4495
7-night Danube Reflections – Eastbound Cruise
DEPARTS 7/24/2019
from $4690
7-night Lyon & Provence River Cruise
DEPARTS 7/30/2019
from $2899
5-night Classic Southbound Voyage
DEPARTS 8/13/2019
from $2090
8-night Intro to Spitsbergen: Fjords, Glaciers and Wildlife of Svalbard Expedition
DEPARTS 6/23/2019
from $5395
13-night Best of the Baltic Expedition
DEPARTS 7/4/2019
from $13480
7-night Alaska Fjords & Glaciers Cruise
DEPARTS 6/29/2019
from $4495
7-night Germany's Finest Cruise
DEPARTS 7/6/2019
from $1999
4-night Mississippi River Gateway Cruise
DEPARTS 7/14/2019
from $2030
7-night Treasures of the Mediterranean World – A Family Learning Adventure Cruise
DEPARTS 7/15/2019
from $3570
9-night Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise
DEPARTS 6/25/2019
from $3395
7-night British Virgin Island Sailing Charter
DEPARTS 7/27/2019
from $1439
3-night A Taste of the Danube - Eastbound Cruise
DEPARTS 7/3/2019
from $1249

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