Cruise Deals - Long Cruises

If a two-week cruise is not long enough... fulfill your desire of visiting the world's most interesting destinations on a long cruise. Some of these long cruises offer special discounted pricing, while others offer exclusive amenities and value added bonuses.

Cruise Line
17-night Tahitian Treasures Cruise
DEPARTS 4/25/2020
from $2299
138-night Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders - 2021 Full World Voyage
DEPARTS 1/5/2021
from $54199
113-night 2020 New York to New York World Voyage
DEPARTS 1/3/2020
from $17249
128-night Grand World Voyage
DEPARTS 1/4/2021
from $22499
35-night Hawaii, Tahiti, & South Pacific Cruise
DEPARTS 4/7/2020
from $3156
131-night Navigate the World - Full World Cruise
DEPARTS 1/24/2020
from $73399
19-night Transpacific Cruise
DEPARTS 9/27/2020
from $2019
25-night South America Expedition Cruise
DEPARTS 10/30/2019
from $17700
21-night Antarctica, South Georgia, & the Falkland Islands Cruisetour
DEPARTS 11/7/2019
from $25220
66-night Star Collector – Grand European Tour Cruise
DEPARTS 8/22/2020
from $21699
146-night 2020 World Cruise: Extraordinary Destinations
DEPARTS 1/4/2020
from $63334
21-night Panama Canal Cruise
DEPARTS 11/3/2019
from $999
24-night Mediterranean Cruise
DEPARTS 9/30/2020
from $14997
24-night Ultimate European Journey Cruisetour
DEPARTS 8/17/2019
from $10799
34-night Pacific Wayfarer Voyage
DEPARTS 11/1/2019
from $6399
28-night Westbound Atlantic Ocean Crossing Cruise
DEPARTS 10/19/2019
from $6095
17-night Ancient Civilizations Voyage
DEPARTS 3/28/2020
from $2659
17-night Rhine and Moselle Fairytales Cruise/Land Package
DEPARTS 7/20/2020
from $6969
14-night Marquesas, Tuamotus, & Society Islands Cruise
DEPARTS 11/21/2020
from $6045
14-night Grand European Tour Cruise
DEPARTS 6/5/2020
from $5299
28-night Northwest Passage - The Ultimate Expedition from Nome to Halifax
DEPARTS 8/16/2020
from $30138
22-night Epic Antarctica: Crossing the Circle via Falklands & South Georgia Expedition
DEPARTS 2/15/2020
from $14995
18-night Tahiti to Easter Island: Marquesas, Tuamotus & Pitcairns Marquesas Islands Expedition
DEPARTS 10/10/2019
from $20680
14-night Alaska's Inside Passage & San Juans Cruise
DEPARTS 9/7/2019
from $4695
7-night Germany's Finest Cruise
DEPARTS 8/17/2019
from $1999
17-night Ocean Voyage – Lisbon to Montevideo Cruise
DEPARTS 10/23/2020
from $3930
28-night From the Black Sea to the North Sea Cruise/Land Package
DEPARTS 10/20/2020
from $12045
7-night Holidaze & Nights Cruise
DEPARTS 12/20/2020
from $1750

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