Cruise Deals - Long Cruises

If a two-week cruise is not long enough... fulfill your desire of visiting the world's most interesting destinations on a long cruise. Some of these long cruises offer special discounted pricing, while others offer exclusive amenities and value added bonuses.

Cruise Line
18-night Hawaii, Tahiti, and Bora Bora Cruise
DEPARTS 9/29/2021
from $2769
139-night Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders - 2021 Full World Voyage
DEPARTS 1/5/2021
from $61559
118-night 2022 World Voyage - Roundtrip New York
DEPARTS 1/3/2022
from $18999
128-night 2022 Grand World Voyage
DEPARTS 1/3/2022
from $22899
111-night 2022 World Cruise
DEPARTS 1/19/2022
from $22259
21-night Southernmost Sojourn Cruise
DEPARTS 1/31/2021
from $14699
18-night Transatlantic Cruise
DEPARTS 4/21/2021
from $854
25-night Australia Expedition Cruise
DEPARTS 2/24/2021
from $13680
34-night Epic Antarctica: From the Peninsula to the Ross Sea & Beyond Cruisetour
DEPARTS 12/27/2020
from $48800
56-night Star Collector – Grand Caribbean Adventure Cruise
DEPARTS 1/8/2022
from $11999
53-night Lands of the Sagas Cruise
DEPARTS 7/7/2021
from $27999
21-night Wonders of the Mediterranean and Arabia Cruise
DEPARTS 1/18/2021
from $2499
14-night Transatlantic Cruise
DEPARTS 4/24/2022
from $3499
24-night Ultimate European Journey Cruise/Land Package
DEPARTS 5/19/2021
from $10999
25-night Glaciers to Ginza Voyage
DEPARTS 10/2/2021
from $6549
20-night Eastbound Atlantic Ocean Crossing Cruise
DEPARTS 3/27/2021
from $2820
21-night Western Africa Journey
DEPARTS 3/19/2021
from $8299
17-night Rhine and Moselle Fairytales Cruise/Land Package
DEPARTS 7/11/2021
from $7249
3-night Upriver Mekong Discovery Cruise - High Water Season
DEPARTS 11/10/2020
from $2835
14-night Marquesas, Tuamotus, & Society Islands Cruise
DEPARTS 11/21/2020
from $6045
14-night Grand European Tour Cruise
DEPARTS 7/11/2021
from $4799
25-night Northwest Passage - In the Wake of the Great Explorers Expedition
DEPARTS 8/15/2021
from $26724
22-night Epic Antarctica – Crossing the Circle via Falklands and South Georgia Expedition
DEPARTS 1/21/2022
from $26995
16-night Along the Mekong – China, Thailand, and Laos Expedition
DEPARTS 10/23/2020
from $10980
14-night Eastern Fjords and Glacier Bay Cruise — Ultimate Expedition
DEPARTS 5/30/2021
from $8545
7-night Eastern Europe Escape Cruise
DEPARTS 10/4/2020
from $2999
14-night East Coast Inland Passage Cruise
DEPARTS 4/23/2022
from $6740
24-night The Ross Sea Voyage
DEPARTS 2/16/2022
from $29720
11-night Natural Wonders of Greenland and Iceland Cruise
DEPARTS 8/18/2021
from $3995
27-night From the Black Sea to the North Sea with 2 Nights in Transylvania Cruise/Land Package
DEPARTS 6/19/2021
from $11147
15-night Transatlantic Mediterranean to Miami Cruise
DEPARTS 10/24/2021
from $1350
25-night The Northeast Passage: Across the Russian Arctic with Geoffrey Kent Cruise/Land Expedition
DEPARTS 8/27/2021
from $40995

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