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Settled by the Celts, Rouen really flourished in the Middle Ages. In a natural amphitheater on the Seine, the capital of Normandy is important as a commercial and cultural center. Today the city is a blend of ancient and modern. Rouen is known as the City of a Hundred Spires; many of its important edifices are churches. The most magnificent one is the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture immortalized in Claude Monet's series "Cathedrales de Rouen." Surrounding the large square are picturesque half-timbered houses with steeply pointed roofs. The wealth of architectural treasures and the ambience of Rouen’s historic center will impress any visitor. Exploring the narrow, cobbled streets in the old quarter is a must. The giant clock above the archway spanning the Rue du Gros Horloge is a focal point and famous emblem. Rouen is connected to the sea by the Seine Valley. The city serves as a starting point for trips to Paris and to Norman castles and abbeys.

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12-night Celtic Interlude Cruise 6/14/2023

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