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Fresh from her complete and total refurbishment, she now boasts a refreshed elegant style in her restaurants and lounges, as well as luxurious new décor across her 350 suites. And with 447 international crew on board, personal service is exceedingly indulgent throughout. Among her four dining options that allow guests to savor meals whenever and with whomever, Seven Seas Voyager features the modern French restaurant Chartreuse and the largest specialty restaurant at sea Compass Rose with its brand new menu. In addition to the elegant new décor, the ship offers five new production shows at the Constellation Theater.

Cruise Line
12-night Tenerife to Tangier Cruise
DEPARTS 11/2/2020

24-night Inspired Iberia & The Ivory Coast Cruise
DEPARTS 11/14/2020

14-night The Land of Lions Cruise
DEPARTS 12/8/2020

14-night Dreams of Africa Cruise
DEPARTS 12/22/2020

14-night Safari & Samba Cruise
DEPARTS 1/5/2021

26-night Vintners & Vineyards Cruise
DEPARTS 1/5/2021

12-night Pampas Exploration Cruise
DEPARTS 1/19/2021

from $8299
21-night Southernmost Sojourn Cruise
DEPARTS 1/31/2021

from $14699
21-night The Best of South America Cruise
DEPARTS 2/21/2021

from $14699
12-night Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Cruise
DEPARTS 3/14/2021

from $8299
30-night Cape Verde & the Canary Islands Cruise
DEPARTS 3/14/2021

from $14849
18-night Atlantic Ocean Exploration
DEPARTS 3/26/2021

from $7899
9-night Return to Antiquity Cruise
DEPARTS 4/26/2021

from $6699
7-night Royal Aegean Cruise
DEPARTS 5/11/2021

from $5499
10-night Kingdoms & Empires Cruise
DEPARTS 5/18/2021

from $7599
15-night Sacred Lands & Treasures Cruise
DEPARTS 5/28/2021

from $12199
23-night Holy & Ancient Crossroads Cruise
DEPARTS 5/28/2021

8-night Glamorous Summer Cruise
DEPARTS 6/12/2021

from $6199
20-night Vintage Mediterranean Cruise
DEPARTS 6/12/2021

from $15199
12-night Toast to Bordeaux Cruise
DEPARTS 6/20/2021

from $9999
14-night Reykjavik Under the Midnight Sun Cruise
DEPARTS 7/2/2021

from $11999
12-night Amazing Fjords Cruise
DEPARTS 7/16/2021

from $10799
12-night Norwegian Dream Cruise
DEPARTS 7/28/2021

from $11299
22-night Royal Sights & Icelandic Heights Cruise
DEPARTS 7/28/2021

from $18799
10-night Illuminated Ireland Cruise
DEPARTS 8/9/2021

from $8699
20-night A European Summer Cruise
DEPARTS 8/9/2021

from $16599
10-night Cobbled Street & Classic Cafes Cruise
DEPARTS 8/19/2021

from $8199
15-night Mediterranean Sojourn Cruise
DEPARTS 8/29/2021

from $10999
10-night Ephesus & the Greek Isles Cruise
DEPARTS 9/13/2021

from $7799
10-night Venetian Sunset Cruise
DEPARTS 9/23/2021

from $7799
20-night Ancient Ruins & Modern Monuments Cruise
DEPARTS 10/3/2021

from $10099
22-night Adventure in Africa Cruise
DEPARTS 10/30/2021

from $13399
16-night South African Radiance Cruise
DEPARTS 11/21/2021

from $10649
15-night Sunrise on Safari Cruise
DEPARTS 12/7/2021

from $10349
14-night Southern Atlantic Expedition Cruise
DEPARTS 12/22/2021

from $6949
10-night Samba to Tango Cruise
DEPARTS 1/5/2022

from $7949
26-night Rio & Around the Horn Cruise
DEPARTS 1/5/2022

from $17899
16-night Around Cape Horn Cruise
DEPARTS 1/15/2022

from $11499
19-night Journey to Antarctica Cruise
DEPARTS 1/31/2022

from $13399
29-night Antarctic Insights Cruise
DEPARTS 1/31/2022

from $19399
10-night Call of the Amazon Cruise
DEPARTS 2/19/2022

from $7199
31-night Brazil's Beaches & Jungles Cruise
DEPARTS 2/19/2022

from $17749
21-night Best of Brazil Cruise
DEPARTS 3/1/2022

from $11499
10-night Caribbean Fiesta Cruise
DEPARTS 3/22/2022

from $4999
24-night Fabulous Beaches & Fado Music Cruise
DEPARTS 3/22/2022

from $10399
14-night Atlantic Isles Discover Cruise
DEPARTS 4/1/2022

from $6299